About Us

Dermalogic is a clinic with a difference, stressing quality service to its clients over quantity. At Dermalogic no client is viewed as the duplicate of another. Our goal is to improve the health and beauty of your skin whatever your age or skin type. With regard to “skin type”, we have acquired a vast experience with a variety of ethnically different ones. We recognize your uniqueness and are committed to a result that heightens your natural beauty. We design custom made treatments that reflect a thorough understanding of your needs and which is not limited to a specific amount of time given to each client at a given session. Our approach to beauty stems from the European tradition of scientific advancements in skin care. We use the most advanced dermatological and medical procedures to create positive results for you. Dermalogic uses medical and pharmaceutical grade products. We enhance what is special about you while diminishing imperfections. The results are classic and timeless, and you will be treated with care.

At your first visit to Dermalogic, you will receive a thorough consultation lasting approximately one hour. It will include a review of your medical history and a skin analysis to assess your skin type and the extent of your skin damage. We will listen attentively to your concerns and discuss solutions for your expressed needs, tailored to your life style and manageable for you to attain. It will be important that you understand the commitment required for some of the treatments. You will be made aware of the pros and cons of the treatment options and provided with literature to take home with you. You will feel free to take time to make a decision about your course of treatment and follow-up calls will be encouraged to permit you to make a fully informed decision, before calling us to book an appointment. We do not use aggressive sales tactics. Our clinic is bright, spacious and private. It is located in a professional building and parking is free.
At Dermalogic you are not just another number. We strive to meet high standards for you:
Custom consultation