Cosmetic Dermatology

Bernadett Ber-Syniow, B.F.A., R.N.


Bernadett Ber-syniow is a registered nurse and member of the Canadian Society of Aesthetic Specialty Nurses (CSASN) with over twelve years of experience in cosmetic dermatology in the former clinic of Dr. Catherine Ruddy. Born in Europe, Bernadett studied Visual Arts in her early years. This avocation helped develop in her a sensitive and finely tuned awareness of aesthetics, with special emphasis on facial features and symmetry. Bernadett worked as a registered nurse in CHEO for eleven years before making a career transition to nursing specializing in dermatological treatments. Bernadett recognizes the unique beauty of each individual patient and works to enhance that beauty while diminishing any imperfections. She believes in a European-inspired approach that focuses on the individual rather than the typical generalized approach which results in everyone being treated the same. Bernadett is meticulous, honest and safe, and will work to give you natural looking results tailored to your individual needs. No one is treated like a carbon copy at Dermalogic!