Embrace the Beauty of Spring with a Refreshing Skincare Routine!

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Spring Skincare Routine

Let's welcome the blossoming beauty of spring with a new skincare routine. While the skincare process overall remains the same, there are a few considerations:

#1 Hydration vs. Moisture: Spring skincare often emphasizes hydration, as the air becomes more humid and the skin may produce more oil. Hydration-focused products like lightweight serums and water-based moisturizers are favoured in spring to keep the skin balanced and refreshed without feeling heavy.

#2 Sun Protection: As the sun's intensity increases, use sunscreen with a higher SPF to shield the skin from harmful UV rays. Choose lightweight and non-comedogenic formulas to prevent clogged pores and breakouts in warmer weather.

#3 Renewal: Spring is a perfect time for renewing the skin after the dullness of winter. This may include exfoliating acids like AHAs or BHAs to slough off dead skin cells, revealing a more radiant complexion. We offer various rejuvenating procedures. It's the perfect time to book a consultation and receive personalized treatment.

#4 Brightening: Brightening serums containing vitamin C or niacinamide are also popular choices for evening out skin tone and fading dark spots caused by sun exposure or hyperpigmentation. Check out one of the best serums in our online shop.

#5 Antioxidant Protection: With the emergence of new plant life and blooming flowers, spring skincare may harness the power of antioxidants found in botanical extracts to protect the skin from environmental stressors like pollution and free radicals. Antioxidant-rich serums and moisturizers help fortify the skin's natural defences and support its overall health and resilience.

#6 Lighter Textures: As the weather warms up, heavy creams and oils may feel too occlusive for the skin, leading to congestion and breakouts. Spring skincare routines often favour lighter textures such as gels, lotions, and gel-cream hybrids that provide adequate hydration without weighing the skin down. These formulas absorb quickly and feel refreshing on the skin, making them ideal for warmer temperatures.

Ready to embrace the beauty of spring? Incorporate these rejuvenating steps into your skincare routine and let your skin blossom with the season!

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